Isle of Lewis Squadron ATC:

Images show the redevelopment of the ‘Isle of Lewis Air Cadets’ badge. [click on the image for a larger view of the design]

Using illustrator to create the vector/outline images (from illustrations/drawings supplied), and also to create the colour variations, giving the badge a very real look about it.

Creating images using vector graphic means that no matter what size large or small the image is required in, it will be clear and crisp to the original look, this makes it the best for reproduction onto the whole range of printable materials and items.

A few words on behalf of the Air Cadets – ‘The Next Generation’. Cadets in your local Air Training Corps (ATC) and Combined Cadet Force (CCF(RAF)) are enjoying flying, gliding, going on camps, taking part in all kinds of action, adventure and sports. It’s great fun too, with the opportunity to enjoy an enviable social life and make many new friends. How far are YOU from having a good time?