Balnearn Guest House:

Logo work for Mark & Claire Dimmock (Owners), with a web site to match, stylish and clean, for a fresh look to an old business.

Below are some examples of the first round of logo work and web-site page looks, a combination of warm colours and graphic content, to give the guest house a modern luxury feel, with the functionality within the web-site to provide a slick and professional interface for the web customer (Using Adobe Contribute to let the client update their site as required).

Balnearn House is a great example of a small business growing and developing with just a small website and publicity. Proving that a constant eye on your promotional tools can pay dividends, that’s why at waingroove designs, client support is a key element to the business.

What the Client said….

“Waingroove Designs has helped guide us in the right direction by creating a website and a logo that stands out. Value for money and a creative design that couldn’t be matched.”