I believe that the key to creating effective communications is first to distil information to its pure essence then to bring it to life in the most imaginative and engaging way.

This is how I approach every project – balancing structured, focused content with eye-catching creativity to produce communications that work hard for my clients.

From free-hand to computer generated illustrations and graphic reproductions. Using programmes like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, waingroove can create characters, designs and logos – from small icons to detailed operating instructions.

Turn your ideas into reality, waingroove will give your business or company the brand look which will keep you on people’s minds.

As the company logo is the silent representative, it should be encompassing all aspects you are trying to project to create the best first impression.

You may even have an old print or illustration that you want digitised for your own reproduction.

There are examples to flick through to give a better idea of the results attained, and further to that use the links to your right and above to view recent clients work.

Contact: to discuss your brief.