Sports Life Therapy

Website construction and redevelopment.

Having been given the brief to update Sam’s website and add in some extra functionality using features such as PayPal and Blogger, keeping Sam in touch with her clients anywhere.

Using a combination of Dreamweaver and Fireworks to construct the website, with the addition of Google Blogger to set up the bolt on Blog.

Images below include screen shots and logo redesign.  To visit the live site click the following link:

Samantha Weir has been a practising Therapist since 2000.  “I have always loved being in the great outdoors and am very glad to be back practising from my own turf in Kenmore.  Having been raised here – I feel that highland Perthshire is one of few places in the world where you just want to stay forever!”

The sports Injury Clinic is based on the ethos of natural repair.  Massage therapy and mobilisation are a big part of the work followed by Sams teaching in Kettlebells.

“For those of you who want to go that extra mile in self maintenance then my metabolic typing of dietary analysis is the way forward.”